want more energy, clarity, direction and support? ready for a vision and plan aligned with your passion?

Personal Power and Passion

Private V.I.P. Retreat & 90-Day Support

ignite your passion. live with less stress, more creativity, productivity and joy.

12-week “Light My Fire” Personal Passion or Business Bliss Program

Dear Beautiful, Successful, Striving Woman!

Summer is the season of creativity, fire and passion.

Are you ready to align with and balance the energy of the season?

Ready to quit overwhelm and know joy?

Creativity need a little (or alot) of love?

Are you ready to let go of struggle and thrive?

Do you have a deep desire to re-connect with your passion and love of life?

Longing for time to re-focus and re-energize you and your plans?

Need a day to focus on you and your dreams?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you will fully appreciate this heart-centered challenge.

P.S. You are a V.I.P. = Very Inspired Person.  You are ready to move forward, get things done, and know peace and joy.

This is the perfect opportunity for me to share my 20+ years of business expertise, social media marketing tips, professional coaching and mindful living practices to help realize your dreams, live and work with less stress, more creativity, productivity and joy.

blend creative planning and retreat for the ultimate rejuvenation intensive

join me live in New York or virtually by phone or Skype

you deserve time dedicated to just you. let me help make that happen

Imagine a whole day dedicated to you and your dreams:

  • Refresh and Rejuvenate
  • Vision and Plan
  • Implement and thrive
  • Receive loving support (and, tough love if needed) for a full 90-days following your retreat
  • * Designed as a private retreat for you (or include one member of your biz team or BFF)

is your peace, health and happiness worth one day of focus?

Personal Power – VIP Retreat  $997

Summer Price $597Special ''Light My Fire' Summer Price thru Sept 15

Karen McMillan is one of the most hip, happening and savvy business leaders on the planet today.

She has this innate sense of business success that guides her and then flows over into every conversation she has. This sense, combined with her strong background as a professional in the fields of coaching, business, non profits and education, puts her at the top of today’s echelon of women leaders.     www.retreatcoaches.com

”Helene, ”Retreat

What an amazing virtual retreat today.

Karen. I’m blown away each and every time, walking away with new goals, a renewed spirit, a feeling of community and SUCH solid principles and advice for life and business! Can’t stop singing “we are the world. www.eatmoveshine.com/

”Diana, ”Eat.

Is your passion lost?

Let me help you find it and fall in love again.

Retreat Options

below are examples of suggested retreat day locations

Retreat at the Beach (Hamptons)

Imagine a day on a private beach in the Hamptons, walking, talking and breathing in the rich, salt-air. Then, enjoying lunch overlooking the water, on a private deck, or enjoying the spirit of a heritage town restaurant while working on your life or business plan. (weather permitting or we'll meet in my local office space)

NYC Creativity Retreat

Spend the time visiting one of New York's finest, and most inspiring museums, e.g., The Met, MOMA, The Rubin Museum. Then, allowing the inspiration of the museum to inform and inspire creativity, while enjoying one of the healthy and flavorful meals NYC is known for (in the members-only dining area or a nearby restaurant). Making time to review and co-create your plans.

Customized Retreat

Schedule your private retreat day in the location of your choice - home or office.

NYC Eco-Walking Retreat

Walking and time in nature is known to be a powerful way to spark creativity. We'll enjoy time walking one of NYC's famous parks or greenways, e.g., The Highline, Central Park or The Cloisters, as we breathe in the fresh air and talk about you and your dreams. Then, enjoy lunch in a nearby venue to review your plans and systems for implementation (weather permitting or we'll meet in a local museum)

Yoga & Planning Retreat in the Hamptons

Imagine a morning at Yoga Shanti, then walking on a private beach breathing in the rich, salt-air.  Followed by lunch overlooking the water, on a private deck, or enjoying the spirit of a heritage town restaurant while working on your life or business plan. (weather permitting or we'll meet in my local office space)

Virtual Retreat (by phone or Skype)

No travel. No hassle.

Enjoy the privacy and ease of connecting by phone or Skype.

Connect from anywhere around the globe.

Let’s work together to remove the stress and fatigue of procrastination and the sadness of unrealized dreams. Let’s create a year worth celebrating.
You deserve to smile and thrive.

What does a VIP Retreat look like?  Imagine:

  • A pre-retreat planning call (to get the most from our day together)
  • Full day/3-4 Hours focused on you and your dreams
  • Getting clear and honing your big vision
  • Customizing a 90-day plan
  • Identifying and removing blocks (in your life, mind, or energy)
  • Creating a support system to help you stay focused and realize your dream
  • Creating the safe and sacred space to breathe, work and create
  • Customized tools and resources to help you plan and implement
  • Reviewing your life or business plan with me and receiving feedback
  • Receiving email support during the 12-weeks following our retreat to help you stay your path and realize your plan
  • Scheduling our follow-up call (for closure and celebration) to help keep your dream alive

How have clients benefited from their VIP day?

  • Created a vision to realize change in life or work
  • Aligned with their purpose and passion, and gave more meaning to their “day job”
  • Reconnected with their art/inner artist and thrived
  • Created a plan to start an online business while still in corporate
  • Reviewed and implemented their social media plan
  • Crafted a creative business plan (startup or review of existing)
  • Packaged, positioned and priced their products and services
  • Re-energized their creativity and productivity
  • Learned to make work a mediation and thrive
  • Learned mindful business practices and easy, daily meditation
  • Grew their online community
  • Designed a plan to take their land-based business online

Personal Power – VIP Retreat Challenge  $997

Summer Price $597Special ''Light My Fire' Summer Price thru Sept 15

It was an honor to have Karen in my Beyond Six Figures for Coaches Certification Program.

She showed up with passion, dedication and commitment to being a powerful group coaching leader for creating a positive impact in the world. For those of you ready to realize your dreams, attract and create authentic success, in life and business, I highly recommend Karen as your coach. www.evagregory.com

”Eva, ”Leading

Karen is an exceptional asset for me and also my business.

Honestly, I would have to check all the attributes provided — great results, extraordinarily personable, expert and experienced, superlative value with immediate results, professional in every sense of the word. In short, she is a fantastic coach and has helped me understand the business world (which I am new to) and how best to personally function and face my new challenges. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an insightful, present, and caring presence in his or her life. www.agelessremediessouthpark.com/

”Elaine, ”Owner

Giving Back

A portion of every VIP day purchase goes to support a nonprofit supporting children, women entrepreneurs or the environment. I call this my karma circle. To learn more click here.

Karen is able to get to the heart of the matter, quickly, gently and effortlessly.

I experience awesome breakthroughs each session.” www.FruitionBranding.com

”Tammi, ”Fruition

To learn from her is awesome, but to work with her is simply amazing.

Just the sound of Karen voice helps to calm and revive me. She is calm, organized, helpful, supportive and inspiring throughout the whole process.

Interacting with Karen has created unlimited benefits for me as I build my business and strive to live a balanced life.

What I have learned from her has transformed my personal life and my professional practice. The greatest compliment I think anyone can give is a referral and I enthusiastically refer my clients and friends to Karen.

Karen is so genuine and leads by example which is something rare. My platform is helping women to build confidence at their core. Karen is a shining example of what we should all strive for and that is what makes knowing her and working with her such a blessing. It feels so natural and necessary to introduce people to Karen because their lives will forever be changed for the better.     www.j29project.com

”Sheila, ”The

Your 90-Day Challenge Includes:

  • One half-day creative planning retreat
  • Review of your plan – feedback from Karen
  • 90-Days email support and inspiration
  • Customized worksheets, assessments and recommended resources to help you realize your 90-day plan
  • Closure & Celebration call (at the end of the 90-days)
  • A safe and joyful space in which to work and creat
  • Professional coaching with an internationally certified coach
  • * Client is responsible for own travel and accommodations. Application required for in-person retreats for new client; all details in application.

Bonus #1 - Private Post-Retreat Coaching Session

One (1) 60-minute private 1:1 coaching call with Karen (phone or Skype)

Value $150


Bonus #2 Retreat Muse Studio Membership

One (1) year membership in RetreatMuseStudio.com, which includes a Private Facebook Group

Value $240

V.I.P. Retreat Day $997

Summer Price $597Special 'Light My Fire' Summer Price thru Aug 31

How does this work?

  • You register for the retreat
  • You access the online scheduling service to schedule our pre-retreat call and retreat day.
  • We connect for your pre-retreat planning call (phone or Skype).
  • You receive customized plans and worksheets to make the most of our retreat day.
  • We meet for your retreat day (in-person days include lunch or healthy snacks)
  • We stay connected and you receive weekly email support and inspiration to keep you and your energy on track (weekly phone support optional)
  • You use the online scheduling service to schedule our follow-up/closure & celebration call (by phone or Skype)

About Karen McMillan, ACC Master Retreat Coach, Retreat Muse Allow her to blend 20+ years of corporate marketing with 30+ years of spiritual practice to guide and support you to create a life and work you love.

Karen is known for creating work as a meditation, while nurturing your inner artist, creating abundance and ecstatic peace. Her compassionate yet direct communication helps you to stick to your path and realize your goals. Creator of Virtual RetreatU and Retreat Muse Studio, mentor, speaker and author of the upcoming book, Seasons of Self-Care: 5 Keys to Help You Slow Down to Speed Up Your Success and Thrive. Want to know what others say about working with me? Click Here to read on.

”Karen McMillan, ACC | Master Retreat Muse”
”Karen McMillan, ACC | Master Retreat Muse” ””

P.S. Supporting soulful business women is my passion.  Helping you realize your dreams and thrive is what I do, and what brings me joy.  Let us work together to co-create a life and work you love.  Enjoy the power of a VIP Retreat Day and  summer special values to make this happen for you.

Not ready to plan your day, but like the summer price value?  Purchase your VIP Retreat Program and take up to 6-months to schedule your retreat.

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